Viral 🌮 (Appsumo-Lifetime)

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Using Canva Templates 😎🎨

1. Go to and sign up or log in to your account. 👋
2. Click on the "Templates" button on the home screen. 🌟
3. Browse through the various template categories (social media posts, presentations, flyers, etc.) and select the type of design you need. 🔍
4. Choose a template that you like and click on it to open the editor. 🎉
5. Customize the template by changing the text, colors, images, and other elements to suit your needs. 🎨✏️
6. When you're done, you can download or share your design. 💻📤

Using Notion Templates 📚✨

1. Go to and sign up or log in to your account. 👋
2. Click on the "Templates" icon on the left sidebar. 🌟
3. Browse through the available templates or search for a specific type of template you need (e.g., project management, notes, wiki). 🔍
4. Click on the template you want to use, and it will create a new page with that template. 🎉
5. Customize the template by adding or editing content, changing formatting, and adjusting the layout. ✏️🖌️
6. Share the page with others or keep it private, depending on your needs. 👥🔒

Using ChatGPT Prompts 🤖💬

1. Go to and sign up or log in to your account. 👋
2. In the chat window, provide a prompt or ask a question related to the task you want ChatGPT to assist with. 💭
3. Be as specific and clear as possible in your prompt to get the most relevant and helpful response. 🔍
4. ChatGPT will generate a response based on your prompt. You can then provide additional prompts or clarify your query if needed. 💬
5. For more complex tasks, you may need to provide multiple prompts or break down your task into smaller steps. 🧩
6. Remember that ChatGPT is an AI language model, so it may not always provide perfect or complete solutions, and you may need to verify or refine the output. 🤖👍


Get unlimited downloads of thousands creative templates

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✅ 10x Sales Pack
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✅ Mock Up Pack
✅ SMM Energy Pack
🎁 Bonus Packs
$ 299 per year
🔑 All Access Pass
✅ 10+ Premium Packs
✅ 3000+ Viral Contents
✅ 10.000+ Viral Elements
✅ 20+ Notion Templates
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✅ 3000+ Viral Contents
✅ 10.000+ Viral Elements
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